Mayors of Toronto

Mayor David Miller

As Toronto’s current mayor, David Miller has had a good run since first being elected in 2003 and then again in 2006 for a four year term. Though he has announced that he will not run for Mayor in the 2010 elections for family reasons he will certainly leave on a high note and leave a lasting impression for being known as a mayor who did quite a bit to help make the city of Toronto one of the most environmentally efficient in the world.

As an immigrant—like most Torontonians are—David Miller moved to Canada from England in 1967. Back in England he attended the prestigious Lakefield College School with Prince William. He continued on with impressive academic achievements by attending Harvard for four years and then getting his Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Toronto. And just like many of the mayors of Toronto before him, he was a lawyer before getting into politics, having been a partner at the well-known law office of Aird & Berlis LLC in Toronto.

Before running for mayor of Toronto, David Miller was a member of the new Democratic Party and from the start of his career in politics always fought to improve Toronto’s public transit system in order to help make Toronto a world-class city. To avoid looking like a partisan and make it clear that he would not be one who was swayed to a specific side he opted to cut his affiliation with the New Democratic Party once he was elected as mayor.