Mayors of Toronto

Mayor Barbara Hall

Barbara Hall was the last Mayor of Toronto before the amalgamation of four other municipalities with Toronto made it into the “mega-city” that it is known as today.

Aside from being the Mayor of Toronto during a time of immense growth for the city her achievements as mayor aren’t nearly as memorable as her achievements before and after her time as the Mayor of Toronto. Prior to becoming Mayor, Barbara Hall worked with people in need and strived to make a difference. She was one of the first members of a youth program that had been sponsored by the federal government back in 1966 to 1967. The program, which was known as the Company of Young Canadians and was inspired by the Peace Corps in the US went on to become known for more than just its humanitarian efforts. In 1969 they were accused of harboring terrorists. While the allegations were never actually verified, it did manage to taint the program’s image enough that it eventually was taken over by the federal government. The program was officially cancelled in 1977.

Since her run as the Mayor of Toronto, Barbara Hall went on to be appointed as the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. While this is certainly an impressive achievement indeed, Barbara Hall has been strongly criticized by the media for her proposal to create a national press council. While her stance is that this is necessary in order to help protect minorities from discrimination in the media, the media itself is calling this a blatant form of censorship and blasting the proposal from every angle.