Mayors of Toronto

Chairing the C-40: What Mayor David Miller is Doing to Make Toronto a Greener Place

After Canada’s embarrassing winning of the ‘Colossal Fossil’ Award at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Mayor David Miller continues to work towards making Toronto and hopefully Canada a greener place to live by heading the C-40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.


The C-40 group consists of 100 mayors of the world’s largest cities who, along with David Miller, are working to tackle climate change by implementing programs and strategies to help lower emissions and more. Some of these changes that are being made in hopes of making Toronto and the world a greener place include things like utilizing Deep Lake Water Cooling, the implementation of the Energy Retrofit Program, looking into Hybrid buses for the TTC, the implementation of the Idling Control by-law and much more.


Mayor David Miller was elected as the Chair of the C-40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in June of 2008 when it was recognized that Toronto is one of the leaders in the environmentally-friendly cities of the world. The Mayor’s hand in making the city a greener place and working to tackle climate change are achievements that were noted and recognized, making him the ideal candidate to chair the group. In the last four years Toronto has won more than seventy awards for their creativity and innovation in regard to developing and implementing programs to make the city greener. Toronto Mayor, David Miller certainly gives us something to be proud of when the Canadian government is being awarded for making the least progress in terms of doing their part to stop climate change and being accused of doing nothing but increasing emissions with no real plans for improvement.