Mayors of Toronto

A Creative Toronto

David Miller has been fighting to make Toronto a leading world-class city even since before officially being elected as the Mayor of Toronto. One of the ways that he has helped Toronto in their run against cities like London and New York is by investing in the creative arts and cultural programs that will help make the city a more culturally robust and appealing place for audiences as well as performers.


Building a more creative Toronto is a large part of David Miller’s plan to make Toronto a world-class city so that it can compete with the best out there. And so far his plan is working because others are taking his lead and investing in Toronto’s creative economy. In the last five years Toronto has already seen a major increase in audience attraction. And just as impressive is a mayor who makes good on his promises and follows through with his plans. To date, more than sixty percent of the recommendations in his report ‘Culture Plan’ have been achieved even though they’ve barely reached the halfway mark in their proposed timeline.


Examples of this progress include a twenty-five percent increase in grants to The Major Cultural Organizations in 2007 alone. And at that same time the Toronto Arts Council had seen an increase of approximately eighteen percent.